You May Not Know You Can Play With Google Chrome Like These

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Are you among the 55% of population giving preference to Google Chrome? Well, even if you aren’t, you have to know these fun tricks you can play with the Chrome or Android browser!

Tricks to play with Chrome Web Browser

No internet connection? Have fun with the T-Rex!

Wi-Fi glitching again at your favorite coffee spot? Instead of getting frustrated and tapping F5 like crazy, play a new little game now hidden at the “Unable to Connect To The Internet” page.

Turn off your Wi-Fi to get that page or just try opening any Web site if you don’t have Wi-Fi anyway. Now press the space bar and see how the T-Rex starts bouncing, and when a path appears before him, he actually starts running! Tap the space bar each time Dino gets close to one of the cacti to smash it. The goal is to get as max points as possible.

This gig was added in Google Canary.

Did you know you can watch videos in the Chrome Camera App?

Well, now you know! Open the Camera App in your browser, press Caps Lock and type “CRAZYPONY”. A file manager will appear with the option to choose videos. Now try adding all sorts of dopey effect for more giggles!

Play a prank with Inspect Element Feature

Once your victim steps away from the computer for a few minutes, choose any page, right click and choose the “Inspect Element” option. Now that you can see the Google developer’s tools, select any text on the page and over-type it with something witty of your own. You can also change the colors, styles and measurements if you have some basic knowledge of html.

Tricks To Play With Your Google Chrome For Android

Play the Lollipop Game

In Android 5.0, known as the Lollipop, you can play a fun little game if you go to your phone/tablet settings and tap the “About” section. Tap numerous times on the line, saying “Android version [with 5.0 underneath]” to unleash the Easter egg. As the lollipop loads, long press it to get to a Flappy Bird clone game with a bugdroid and even more lollipops!

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Flip Your Chrome

Another giggle exclusive to Android-users only. Open up a tab at Google Chrome, swipe up five times and see chrome doing a slick flip.

Make Chrome Smile

If you really have nothing else to do, try opening one hundred tabs in Chrome for Android. Once you reach the number, watch the icon tab change into a smiling emoticon. That Easter egg is though to be added for demonstrating Chrome’s remarkable memory management abilities.

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