Facebook rolled out its latest update this month, which allows you to save those interesting items that you find on Facebook.

The whole idea behind this new update is that, everyday people find lots of interesting ideas on Facebook, but they don’t have time to explore it right away. So, saving those contents that you find interesting, allows you to check it out later when you have more time. It prevents you from scrolling back, every time you want to read an article or to watch a video that your friend posted, thus saving your precious time.

You can save items like link, places, movies, TV and music. The Facebook keeps your saved item to yourself, unless you opt to share it with your friends.


The saved item list is organized by category and you can swipe right on each item to share it with your friends or move it into your archive list.

The new “Save” feature of Facebook comes with a reminder option. For example, the links to the saved articles will be shown in your news feed.

The “save” option will be available to everyone on iOS, Android, and the web in the coming days.

Unfortunately, the Saved item are not available offline, like Pocket or Instapaper, as Facebook isn’t putting the content you save in the cache.

The launch of Facebook Save came just weeks after the launch of the Slingshot application from Facebook.

The news has been published by Daniel Giambalvo in Facebook NewsRoom.

Source: newsroom

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