Yamaha Focus On Rider Robots.

Yamaha’s Motorcycle riding robot Motobot, is here. It doesn’t fight crime, but it does ride a bike well. Motobot is still in the research and development stage, so the technical details are not abundant. In a video posted by YouTuber Motorcycle Dreams, Motobot’s tagline is ‘Beyond Human Capabilities’. However, Yamaha is still focused on its Human Riders as it plans to make the Motobot ride a bike at the speeds of 125 Mph, a task that is equally cool and futuristic and can make bikes safer for the human riders as well.

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Yamaha’s researchers believe that in creating a robot with those advanced capabilities, they can then use that technology to create “advanced rider safety and rider-support systems. However, Castrol’s Flossie tried to do this way before Yamaha got on the bandwagon.