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Why Cuddling is Good For You

#1 Releases the ‘feel-good’ hormone oxytocin


Cuddling has many more benefits than earlier imagined. It helps release the hormone Oxytocin, which is believed to make you feel generally good about yourself. Cuddling and holding helps release this chemical substance, which gives rise to a feeling of overall well being and joy. Another hormone, endorphins are also believed to be generated by cuddling which gives you a great feeling.This is the same chemical that is released after a good exercise, like jogging, etc and also when you have lots of chocolates.

#2 Increases Sexual Desire


There is also the release of dopamine, which is an excitatory hormone that increases sexual desire. When you cuddle with you partner, it is clear that you want to get intimate in a physical manner. Cuddling is beneficial before or after sexual intercourse. It can either lead to good sexy fun time with your partner or lead to cozy relaxing period afterwards. Added to all this, the hormone dopamine, that can excite one sexually is also released when you cuddle. Since studies have shown that a good sex life is beneficial for physical and mental health, the benefits of cuddling become manifold.

#3 It Reduces Stress and Blood Pressure


The modern day issue of stress can be significantly reduced by just cuddling and increasing physical contact. Touching and more specifically hugging and cuddling releases a hormone, Oxytocin called a bonding chemical. This substance considerably helps bring down blood pressure and thus prevents heart diseases. It generally helps you relax, rest and prevents anxiety too.

#4 Helps Bond Women with Partners


Cuddling helps where emotional bonding and attachment is warranted. The chemical, Oxytocin plays an important part in biological bonding especially between babies and their mothers. It is not only related to childbirth but also aids in generating breast milk, when the baby cuddles up to the mother. Babies and infant who are brought up with secure bonding find it easier, in later life, to form similar such attachments. Similarly it is good to want to be close physically to your partner as emotions are again involved here and helps in your relationship too.

#5 Improves Communication


Family and marriage counselors, recommend cuddling to couples who have intimacy issues. It is supposed to be a very useful mode of communication, especially at times when words fail you. All relationships hinge on communication both verbal and non-verbal. You can easily give your partner a cuddle to say “I Understand” in moments of crisis or sorrow. Sometimes this is a better way of communicating to your close partner than through words, and can lead to long lasting rich relationship between couples. When a child is hurt and is weeping too, a good cuddle can do what the best antiseptic cannot. It can be used as a means to convey empathy and sympathy in addition to love and affection.

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