When The Doctor Saw This Ultrasound, He Was So Shocked And Told To Take A Picture.

Mike and Reena Roberts, a couple from Missouri, were ecstatic. They were expecting a baby together, and it was a dream come true for both of them. But on a recent check-up appointment, the couple were stunned to see something unusual in the sonogram.

The couple visited the doctor’s office for an ultrasound. They were completely shocked when the doctor revealed the ultrasound’s results. Instead of seeing what their baby would look like, they got a picture of a car. It was so weird that even the sonogram technician could not comprehend what he was seeing.

Amazed by what he saw, Mike decided to share the photo on Reddit, where it immediately went viral. Commenters feasted on it, trying to figure out what car model it was. While some suggested it was a PT Cruiser, others said it was a Nissan 370Z.


For Mike, he thinks the car in his wife’s tummy was a Bugatti, but Reena was sure it was the “All New Ford Fetus”.
Whether it’s a car or a baby, it is clear that he is the most famous unborn today!

Source : CNN

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