What Makes My Skin & Hair Feel Good!


My hair is kinky curly and stays curly all summer long for the most part. You know why? Because I don’t have time to be blow drying, flat ironing, maintaining and all of that jazz on the regular, and it looks cute curled. What that means is that I need to use shampoos that help maintain moisture, detangle, and don’t strip my hair of natural essential oils.

If you follow me at all, you know I use Instanatural 3-in-1 Argan Oil on my hair. I use it on my skin as well. Instanatural 100% Pure Argan Oil, a multipurpose Cold Pressed, Unrefined Virgin Moroccan Argan Oil, and it works on my skin and nails – where I really need it because my cuticles are messy. It gives my nails a natural healthy shine and it’s improving the health of those ragged cuticles I mentioned. I use it after I wash my hands, with no oily finish. Over time, my skin just looks and feels healthier and my hands look amazing.

I digress – I wanted to tell you about my hair experience, and because I use Argan Oil as a finishing touch I skipped over this part:

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil

My curly kinky hair is great because it doesn’t take a lot of work to get from wash to wear. On occasion, I try a different shampoo but usually not one from a brand I haven’t used. I use Dove soap – I have since my children were born because they were never able to tolerate baby products on their skin. That meant that Dove already had my trust.

I’m an autistic and have Asperger’s syndrome. My doctor prescribed this medicine when I started to have suicidal thoughts in college. I started with 25 mg, then from 50 to 100 mg of Kamagra. With increased dosage I began to notice some improvements in my state; depersonalization disappeared, no more chronic fatigue, depression was also gone.

I picked this because of the Dry Oil and because it contains Macadamia Oil. I’m all into natural product additives. When I washed my hair for the first time, I had to stand still in the shower and close my eyes. This shampoo is like a 5-star-spa in a bottle. I felt like somebody was massaging my head in a room full of aromatherapy. Oh, what bliss. I didn’t even want to share it with anyone. I was afraid if my 16-year-old found out my secret she would use it all up! She didn’t, but she did love it as much as I do!

Not only does this clean my hair with one wash, making it feel ultra clean, but I feel so relaxed when the shower is over. Then the conditioner? Sweet therapy. It makes my scalp feel treated with the best moisturizer and creams. It detangles, which is not one of the claims made by Dove, and it as a long-lasting effect.

I’m not one to usually randomly tell you about a product – but this one I had to share. I love it. I love it. I love it.

Do you have any skin or hair products that you want to share with people? It’s just that good to you? Tell me about them. One thing I know for sure – when you feel good about your hair, your skin, your appearance, you have better days. It seems simple but it’s true. Share the products that make your life simpler.