Have you ever thought about your mole on body say about you?


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Beauty spots, birth marks and moles, do they really have an integral part to play in our lives or do they just occupy a space on our body?

Many Indian and Chinese astrologers believe that moles, beauty spots etc do have a significant role to play in our destiny and personalities. Depending on which part of our body the mole is situated, our character is depicted and prediction of our future is made.

Astrologers swear that moles have a strong connection with our past life, suggesting that we belong to the same family as that of our previous birth. So let’s find out what your mole has to say about you.

Mole on the forehead

Starting with the face, if the mole is spotted on the forehead or around the eye area-these individuals are said to be very determined, headstrong and possess a strong instinct. They have good leadership qualities and are termed beautiful.

Mole on the Nose

The people who have mole on the nose or around the nose area tend to attract bad luck. They will easily fall prey to gambling, and turn out big time flirts and as a result will land themselves in a soup. Their relationship with their family members may also suffer in the long run.

Mole on the Ears

Moles on the ears have great intelligence and it also suggests that they have a strong chance to have a child who will possess great possibilities and talent. A mole at the backside of the ear represents a person who follows customs.

Mole on the Lip and Chin

The people who have moles on the upper lip love to gossip, they are talkative and good to every one. A mole on the lower lip represents a person who loves good food.

Those who have moles on the chin are logical thinkers and by nature they practice diplomacy. It will be easy for them to find name, fame and money. They will be favored by destiny in almost all of their undertakings.

Mole on the arms, shoulders and neck

Moles on the arms suggest that they are polite and calm. Elbow moles suggest the love for traveling, whereas moles on wrist signify people who are dependable and careful in nature.

A mole on either side of the shoulder could suggest that person is sensible and practical. They are also someone who is responsible, outspoken, social and friendly.

A mole in the frontal part of the neck suggest that person could have good fortune. Mole at the back of the neck suggest that person likes to live an ordinary and simple life.

Mole on the Chest

Mole on the Chest suggest that the person loves to live life in every possibly way. They love to enjoy luxury but tend to be lazy.

Mole on the Legs

Individuals with moles on legs are very much adventurous and have a healthy life. They will get success in all ventures. Mole on the thigh represents sexuality and someone who is bold and extrovert.