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We do have the crazy annoying family like others. Way to deal with it.


Everyone has an annoying family member. Don’t be ashamed! Here I’m teaching you how to deal with them. Trust me, I’ve had my share of annoying family members.

  1. Ignoring them. Ignoring them is the best way possible. Try not to make it noticeable, a slight Hi, goodbye, how are you. But there’s no need to go into conversation.
  2. Try telling them.This step really matters, if it’s a close family member or not. If it’s a close one, tell them lately they have been bothering you and it’s hurting your feelings. If not, tell them in a jokey way, to get away from you.
  3. Tell someone who can make them understand. No reason to get angry. Of course their annoying you, but that doesn’t mean you should scream at them. Keep your anger to yourself or try telling someone you know would make them understand their fault.
  4. If all else fails.Pay attention to other people and other things. Act like your very busy all the time. Don’t make it noticeable to just that person, make sure its more then a few people.
  5. Last but not least. Try to spend less time with them. How long do you really have to see this person for? just keep calm until they leave.