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Tips on Being Healthy, Happy and Wise

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Happiness, health and wisdom cannot be bought but it can sure be achieved. People have various reasons for being unhappy and unhealthy. You can run miles on the treadmill but still not lose desired weight, you have been munching away feel good foods but still fatigue and tiredness haunt you. These are some common symptoms that tell you to begin exploring and exercising the happiness muscles. This can do you wonders and help you achieve an elevated state of happiness

Tips to go forward

Sonia Kakar, a health guru, opines that individuals strive to achieve a perfect physical and/or psychological self when all they need to do is to live – live simple. This should be the ultimate focus. Exercising the mind is as important as exercising the body – this is clearly stated in her book ‘The Little Book of Good Health Facts, Tips and Habits’.

Some simple steps are to be followed to achieve the much sought after happiness in life says Ms. Kakar. Out of the total 181 tips, some are mentioned herein. First, stop worrying. Worry causes more worry. Though a normal activity, you should trick your mind into worrying only for about half hour a day. Cry often and cry well. This relives the buildup of tension and stress. It is good for you to shed tears. Next, consume lots of fish. Omega-3 is well known for its numerous benefits. It can surely make you healthier. Be happy – it is your right. Optimism is very important in life.

Occasionally starve yourself. It can do wonders for your body systems. Exercise as per your body type. Determine if you are a mesomorph or a ectomorph and then choose your exercises. Forgive and let go. Shun the grudge and you will feel better and livelier. Laugh loud, laugh more and laugh hard to boost your immunity. It is also going to reduce your stress.

Exercising should be a combination of anaerobic exercise (resistance training) and aerobic exercise (biking or running). This is important always. Burning away excessive fat is achieved by this combination. It is good to walk on a daily basis. Go to your nearest park, put on comfortable clothing and wear good fitting sports shoes. Walk for at least 30 minutes in a day. Working out in a gym is good if you are passionate about it. However once you lose the steam, the flab comes back.

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