This Poet Was Homeless For 35 Years And Finally Gets A Chance To Fulfill His Dreams.

If you are passionate about something, and if it is your ultimate dream, you must continue to pursue it with determination, perseverance, and unrelenting positivity, no matter how many obstacles pop up on the way, no matter how much hardships one needs to face. Definitely one day you will fulfill your dream.

Good things come to those who wait. And sometimes, the wait is too long. And who better to teach us this lesson than this homeless man, of whom this story is about.

Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho is a 79-year-old poet who signs each poem as “The Conditioned.”

He lived on the streets of São Paulo, Brazil for 35 years. In 2011, a woman named Shalla Monteiro introduced herself to him. She had passed by him every day. One day he handed her a poem and she learned about his dreams.

Raimundo wanted to publish a book of his poems. When Shalla heard this, she wanted to help. That’s when she created a Facebook page just for him and his poems. It was a place for him to publish his poems and be recognized as a man and an artist.

People soon began to notice his talent. Many would even approach Raimundo on the streets. People loved his poems and wanted to get to know him. But they were afraid to approach the poet who lived on the streets.

One fine day, Shalla received a message from Raimundo’s brother. The brothers were united after 57 years.

The brother could not believe the pitiful condition Raimundo had been living in. And so, he asked him to come and live with him in Goiana.

He was not just a guest. He was family.

He no longer lives on the streets. And now, finally, his dream of publishing his poems is coming true. Shalla is still in contact with Raimundo and shares a good relation with him.

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