This Military Diet Guarantees A Weight Loss Of 10 Pounds In A Week.

This military diet is something that gives you prompt and miraculous results and is best when you have to get into that coveted dress pronto! Military Diet, as the word suggests, is a tough one, but if stuck to, gives very satisfying results.

This is the Military Diet! Followed over a span of 7 days, in which 4 days are off, this diet guarantees a weight loss of 10 pounds in a week.

Unlike others, this diet does not slow down the metabolism. A must-try for all those who are clueless about their weight shedding! But do consult your medical practitioner before you jump onto this diet.

Here is the military diet chart!

Military Diet Chart

The food combinations in the Military Diet are designed to burn fat, Boost your metabolism and lose weight fast. Please read the forthcoming instructions before you follow this diet. Although it looks difficult, what will drive you through it is dedication and thumb-rules that we are to list here.


All of us hate to sacrifice our love for food and sleep, but it is the discipline and the routine that will make the difference. And it is a matter of just three days! Please follow this diet in toto, as a slight deflection might end you with gaining 10 pounds extra.

Rule #2

The only liquid that you should take is water and only water! Abstain from aerated drinks or alcohol based drinks between the diet regime. A sip here or there can shake it all!

Rule #3.
Crunching Between The Meals Is PROHIBITED! And mind it, curb that craving for merely three days and see the magic! Also, sadly you will have to limit your seasonings to salt and pepper only, for the time being!

Follow the this diet plan & See the change yourself.

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