This information about cord blood which you didn’t knew is going to surprise you.

baby umbilical cord

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Cord Blood

At the early stage, several expectant dads and moms always consider keeping their new baby’s umbilical cord blood as it carries some stem cells which contain the ability to split/transform into several other cells living in the human body system. An ability that is very advantageous should the child ever develop some life threatening disease like the leukemia, sickle cell anemia, or lymphoma. They may however, not be capable to either protect them or address any other age-related or cancers diseases.

All About Storing Umbilical Cord Blood

Blood is being extracted from the umbilical cord at birth through a particular procedure, and afterwards stored. This extracted blood is well-rich in stem cells, hence could be used for treatment someday should the child be afflicted with diseases such as the above listed. Meanwhile, there will as well be an increased maternal DNA risk that contaminates the cord blood during labour. Stem cells as a result of its metamorphosing attributes can as well aid the repairs of blood vessel, organ, and tissues. These same cells can also be found in any of baby teeth, bone marrow, the fetal tissues, circulating blood, and so on in addition to the umbilical cords. The fact is, all the parts of the human body contain stem cells with the just clause that not all has concentrations that is rich enough for a medical harvest.