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This 6 Year Old Girl Just Died. What She Did Right Before is Heart-Shattering.

When Maddie Higgins, a 6 year-old with an extremely aggressive form of brain cancer, knew she was dying, she only had one simple wish on her bucket list: she wanted to play in snow.
She knew treatment wouldn’t make her better, but that was okay. She was patiently waiting to go to heaven. But before leaving this Earth, she wanted to have one last happy day with her family and friends.

Maddie’s final wish was not elaborate or expensive. It showed just how beautiful this little angel was.


After months of exhausting and intense treatment, Maddie just wanted to spend one afternoon with her family, enjoying something simple.


She wanted to play in snow – and they were thrilled to be able to grant her wish.


Maddie couldn’t hold back her excitement when she saw the fresh powder. “It’s impossible, it’s summer!” she gleefully told her parents.


Her family wanted to give her every happy experience they could before she succumbed to her extremely aggressive cancer. Including snow when it seemed impossible.


But even though she shared smiles with her family that day, Maddie unfortunately passed away this week, getting her own angel wings in heaven.


Maddie will never be forgotten. Her beautiful soul and smiles will stay with anyone who has seen her for the rest of their lives. Even when she was facing death and was in pain, she was a bright spot in her family’s lives.
Her mother said, “My baby girl, I’ll be waiting until I get to see those beautiful eyes and that smile again. Mommy and Daddy love you so very much.”
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