There’s a REAL enchanted rose that can actually last for three years

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One of my favorite parts of Beauty and the Beast is the enchanted rose. There’s something about seeing a flower in a glass case that is so beautiful, as if you are made to really appreciate the work of art flowers truly are. I always wished I could have my very own – but little did I know, I can.

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Forever Rose is a company that has created real-life enchanted roses.

They sit in glass domes, don’t require water or sunlight, and can actually last forever.

The company started selling floral arrangements to the royal family in the UK, but now their name is known worldwide.

The flowers last three years – but if they stay in their dome case, they last forever.
There are 30 different colors to choose from, but prices can be as high as $4,000.
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There is one brand you can get from Etsy, however, for $90. These flowers would make the perfect gift for family and friends or are the perfect way to treat yourself!

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