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The World’s First Real Hover Board. Its Amazing.

With the Hendo hoverboard — currently raising (and exceeding) funds on Kickstarter — the world is very close to having futuristic, personal hoverboards like in Back to the Future. At the moment, pre-orders cost an excessive $10,000, but hey, it’s a hoverboard. The board actually levitates under the weight of an adult rider, but the caveat is that, so far, you won’t be zooming alongside cars inasmuch as you’ll be standing on a barely controllable board that’s hovering slightly off the ground. Still: it’s a real-life hoverboard!

To show us that the Hendo board is more maneuverable than it might seem, Tony Hawk hops aboard and attempts rad tricks on a half-pipe.

As you can see from the above video, the Hendo hoverboard is a little maneuverable — Tony can spin around on it, and even glide across a half-pipe before falling off. However, it doesn’t appear to have perfect (or any) brakes yet, as a team of onlookers has to stop the board from flying out of the testing area.

Sadly, the Hendo can’t hover across water — and it can’t hover at all unless its placed above a non-ferromagnetic conductor. You won’t be uncontrollably spinning on the way to work in the morning unless your city seriously overhauls its sidewalks.

For now, this is the closest the world has come to creating Marty’s pink Mattel hoverboard. A device always needs to start somewhere, and a hoverboard that can hold the weight of a human rider is a great start.