The Wind

As per our deal I reached the spot, well this was a promise between us, I sat on the rock bench, the tree was still, the leaves were still, there was no wind, when we look on to the nature it appeared like a cool photograph clicked by an amateur, the water in the pond was sparkling, the leaves were yellow, I waited there for the arrival of my partner,


This might be our last meeting, this was my routine for the past six months, but things had changed so quickly and we are at the end installment of our meeting, after a long break, since I got my degree we had lost contact, it was not intentional but in the run to make a better living, to shut the questions from the people I know, I was pulling it hard to make a space into the so called settled life, I lost the contacts with the one who had identified the writer in me of which still I have a doubt of that, am not even close to the bloggers who can seize our breath with their words..

bigpreview_Feel Wind

It was a social network through which I got the person back to my life, I was thrilled, I dropped a mail, I got the address, and we started meeting, weeks slipped into months,
As usual he started the conversation, “so that’s it, I guess this one will be our last meeting”
He doesn’t had a fear of death; he is so cool in his bed, paralyzed physically but ignited mentally, illness can only eat our body not the immortal soul,
I said nothing, or what could one possibly say to a person who is dying, humans are helpless, most of the times, but I know he doesn’t want sympathy, in one of our conversations he had once said that he was preparing himself to die, but the thing he was worried was how could this meeting happen once he leaves this world, we really enjoyed cherishing the past, the college days, he is the one who injected the interest to read, he helped me picking books which was really soul refining, he always says when you read you are lucky enough to live the experience of the author’s life time, the more you read the more experience you gain, books are wonderful magician and a great friend to refine one’s soul, the perspective you look into the world changes, you become more matured, you get the ability to analyze an issue from various point of views, then he talked a lot than the usual, I kept quiet and observed him,
The departure time arrived, I walked to him, lifted his hand, words were dead, we were exchanging the emotions, silence was the guest of that moment,
Holding my arm, he said, “Hey, guess what, we will meet, but at a different location, a location close to nature, the place which I had bought to bury myself, the place on the hill side, with a pond and a tree, and lots of greenery, promise me you will come over there to speak to me, whenever you want to share your emotions just make yourself available to that spot, I would acknowledge you with the soft touch of wind, promise me ”

I never promised anything to anyone, I thought I would never be in a situation to share my emotions, but today I realize, there is no one who really care for me, there are nobody in the world who is really interested to listen to your emotions, I realized that he was the one who really cared to listen and I never talked my emotions to him, world is so strange all of a sudden they will make you feel nothing, I felt the cool breeze, the raindrops was now dancing on the pond, I didn’t ran for a shelter, I sat there, connected to my friend, my school teacher..!!