The best ways to improve your relationship.

Is your relationship getting a bit boring? Are you having some trouble? AV Media brings you the best ways to make it better.

Start dating again

In most of the cases the everyday routine and rush kills romance. Though life might be demanding, you two deserve some quality time together. What better way to reconnect than how you first connected?
Yeah, dating again might feel like an awkward idea, but it will give you some butterflies and pleasant feelings. Just make sure you take it seriously and prepare as if it’s the first date. You might not be wondering about the end of the date kiss, but you will surely feel excited.

Make a special time for the two of you every day

Make a habit to savor your coffee together every morning or have some alone time during dinner or after it. The whole point is to be just the two of you — no kids, no friends, no relatives, and also no phones calls, no wifi, nothing else — just the two of you connecting at a personal level.

Do something adventurous

Try scuba diving or parachute jumping — if you both like extreme sports. If not, go to an amusement park and embark on a wild ride together. Holding hands and cuddling will have a whole new meaning. Make sure you stop by the love tunnel as well.

Share your passions

One of you likes fishing, the other loves cooking. Why spend time apart to catch the fish or to cook? Share your passions.

You will learn new things from each other, you will make memories, you will have fun and, most importantly you will feel connected at a meaningful level.

It’s not about what you like or don’t like to do, but about making an effort to connect with each other.

Just remember to cut off the wifi connection and to turn off your phone.

Only talking about these things won’t make much of a difference at least not on the long term. Put in the effort and you will enjoy each other’s company much more while also having fun in the process.

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