The 7 Most Annoying Drivers on the Road

Break Rider

No, that person in front of you isn’t just driving with their headlights on in the middle of the day; those are their brake lights, and you better get damn used to seeing them. As you crawl downhill at 20mph, you’ll wonder what it is that makes this person want to go so slowly. Are they deathly afraid of the speed limit? Did they get their gas pedal permanently confused with their brake pedal? Are they in some type of boring, reverse-Speed scenario, where they can’t exceed 30 mph without exploding? Maybe they’re just incredibly chill, and are trying to cruise as leisurely as possible, unlike this next driver…

Speed Racer

On the opposite end of the driving spectrum is the Speed Racer, who will not allow you any time to ponder their motives before they’re off into the sunset, miles ahead of you. They will giddily weave through traffic, ignoring things like other cars, honking horns, traffic signals, and general self-preservation instincts. The most annoying thing about the Speed Racer, though, is that they somehow never, EVER get pulled over. Rest assured, though, that as soon as you exceed the speed limit by as much as 5 mph, there will be a cop directly behind you with his lights on.

Blinkerless Wonder

How nice it must be to live the whimsical life of the Blinkerless Wonder, turning this way and that, shifting lanes back and forth, as free as a leaf on the wind. This is unfortunately to the extreme detriment of the drivers BEHIND them, who constantly have to slam on the brakes trying react to the maniac who refuses to warn anyone of his directional intentions. Either this person is incredibly lazy, and can’t be asked to move their hand the half-of-an-inch that it would take to make everyone’s life easier, or they are incredibly selfish and just don’t care. No matter their motives, they will at LEAST be out of your hair pretty quickly, which brings us to our next drivers…

Bosom buddies

Friendship is a beautiful thing, and how wonderful it is to see it blossom on the highway. At least, these two drivers in front of you MUST be newfound besties; why else would they be driving RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER and taking up all the lanes? This strange phenomenon occurs when someone shifts into the passing lane, only to drive at the exact same speed as the car to their right, effectively blocking anyone else from going around. Why did they shift lanes in the first place? How do they not notice the giant, aggravated line of cars forming behind them? They only explanation is that they are lost in each other’s eyes, and the rest of the world ceases to matter in the face of their love.

Commander Aggro

Red-faced, white-knuckled, and screaming at the top of their lungs, these drivers are fucking PISSED and it is ALL YOUR FAULT. By the time a driver goes full Commander Aggro, they are no longer capable of basic human logic or reasoning. All they know is fury, and that fury is directed at whoever and whatever happens to be blocking their way. Armed with two middle fingers and unlimited strings of curse words, they will be sure to let you know that you’re a FUCKING DIPSHIT in the least civilized way possible, right before getting stuck at the same traffic light as you and then avoiding eye contact as hard as they can.

The Juggler
If you encounter a person driving erratically, and it is too early for them to be drunk, you’re dealing with a Juggler. Texting in one hand, holding a burrito in the other hand, adjusting the radio with their foot, and driving with their knees, this person multi-tasks like they’re trying to break a world record. You’ll wonder why someone would want to be so distracted while hurtling down the road in a giant metal murder box surrounded on all sides by things that can kill them, but this is obviously a thought that has never crossed their mind. After all, who has time to consider that shit when you’re in the middle of watching a youtube video while devouring an ice cream cone?


Source : collegehumor