Top 10 WtF Pictures Captured At A Perfect Moment Just Before The Disaster Strikes. #9 =”Goosebumps”.

One of the best part about humans is when we talk about something like disasters, people often do consider those giant appalling circumstances- The 2011’s Tokyo Tsunami and Earthquake or the terrorist attacks. But disaster pops out in the world everywhere, each single second. Some are too big that causes thousands of deaths. And some …

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Interesting Photos

What You See Here Are Not Photographs, But Actually 3D Renderings Of Human Beings—All Generated On A Computer.

These are not real photographs! They are a stunning collection of computer generated images created by professionals. “3D Renderings of Humans” and they elicited strong reactions from some of Reddit users. It’s hard to believe that these images are not captured by camera. The expressive eyes, textured hair, scattering light to the skin, subtly rendered …

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