Stop Smoking & Start Repairing

quit smoking girl

Identify the problems due to smoking

You should have reason for stop smoking. Otherwise there may be chance to restart smoking. New studies say that smoking will leads to lung cancer and also some vision problems.lot of other diseases also. Think seriously if you are a smoker.

Don’t try to stop immediately

Don’t try to stop smoking immediately in a day. It is not possible. Nicotine content in the brain of smokers is closely related to addiction. Stop smoking gradually by reducing the number of cigarettes per day. And gradually stop it. If it is in initial stage is very easy to stop. But in chronic smokers spontaneous stoppage is not so much easy. Gradual stopping is the best way to stop smoking. Smokers should try to stop smoking from this day of reading this article.

Nicotine replacement therapy

If you stop smoking immediately it will affect you badly. Problems like sadness, irritability, anger towards everything are the first line symptom of spontaneous stopping of smoking. We can overcome all the problems by nicotine replacement therapy. Nicotine gum contains nicotine content in small amount.

Take advice of doctors

There is lot of treatments are available for problems due to stoppage of smoking. Plenty of medicines are available in market to overcome the problems occurred due the problems. Take these medicines only according to medical prescription by doctors. Brains with nicotine addiction can overcome the addiction by using this type of medicines. These medicines will also helps to overcome the problems like sadism, irritability occurred due to nicotine addiction.
If you want to stop smoking take advice from a doctor to resolve your problem. Take medicines according to the prescription by the doctor. These medicines also will helps to come back from carelessness.

Avoid loneliness

Reveal to friends and family members that you are going to stop smoking. Encouragement from them will provide support to stop smoking. Take help of a counsellor will be also helpful..Stopping of smoking by behavioural therapy is also good. Counsellor helps you to do this. Try to involve actively by avoiding loneliness.

Avoid mental stress

Normally peoples start smoking to escape from stresses. Nicotine suppresses the stress to some extent. If one who stops smoking feels any type of stress he has a tendency to smoke. So be careful to such situations. Take alternatives to avoid stress like listening to music, practicing yoga, will help to relieve stress in those situations.
The key thing is to avoid maximum stressful situations. Their by avoid the chance to restart of the smoking. Be prepared for the stress full situations to be occurred in life and to avoiding smoking in all that times.

Avoid alcoholism

Things like alcoholism will motivate smoking. Better thing is to avoid drinking by the person who stopped smoking. Try to drink tea or coffee in situations you had urge to drink alcohol. Peoples have habit of smoking after food try to avoid it by brushing your teeth or taking chewing gums instead of smoking.

Clean your house

Through your ashtrays, letters that motivate smoking, spray perfumes over dresses which have smell of cigarettes or smoking agents. Clean your sofas, beds, to avoid smell of cigarettes. Smell of ciggeraes will facilitate the tendency to smoke. So try maximum to avoid all the memories of smoking. Put air freshener all over your house to avoid smell of smoking.

Restrict the motivation

Try to avoid coming back to smoking habit once it is stopped. Main thing is to not create the situations that motivate smoking. Check your mental ability and ways to restrict smoking. Try to increase your mental ability to avoid smoking. Be aware of the quote smoking kills.

Try walking

Movement of the body will helps to defend the nicotine addiction of the body. Walking during feels to smoke is a good thing. Small exercises are also beneficial. Small gardening activities are also advisable.

Eat fruits and vegetables

Peoples who stop smoking don’t try to decrease your food. Take more fruits and vegetables. Milk products with low calorie content are also beneficial. Recent studies say that it will help to reduce the interest towards smoking.

Use of economy

By stopping smoking it will facilitate improvement of health as well as increase in money saving also. May that is the time he realising that majority of his income was taken by smoking. Take that money for other enjoyable activities.

Main benefit is health

By stopping of smoking blood pressure will come back to nnormal. Level of carbon monoxide and oxygen also come back to normal. Chance of heart attack is also can be reduced by stopping smoking. Their by chance for diseases like lung cancer, diseases in blood vessels, stroke also can be avoided.