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Some easy way to overcome tension

Some easy way to overcome tension

Self analysing

We can overcome tension by positive approach towards it. Tension reliving is an important one. Otherwise it may leads to lot of psychiatric problems. Knowing the reason for the tension helps to relive tension. Try to solve the problem if it is possible. If solving s not so easy share it with most trusty friend. We can easily overcome tension by open mindedness and self analysis. Self analysing is the best tool for relieving tension. If e=we are going on with tension without trying to solve it may leads to lot of mental problems so be aware that tension reliving is so much important. Self analysis helps to analyse the problem and helps to solve it. Make always a trusty friend to share your feeling it helps you so much in tension relieving.

Long breath

We are normally takes long breath if we had any problem. By taking long breath body get more oxygen and it provide nourishment in small quantity to the cells. Expire the inspired air by taking time more than for expiration. Do this for 8 to 10 times. Taking long breath helps to relax the body cells by providing more oxygen. Taking of long breath also helps to provide extra nutrients to body cells. So taking long breath is so much helpful to avoid tension.

Breathing exercises

Sit straight in a calm area. Exhale the whole air totally outside by opening the mouth. Fill the air inside by taking air for a few seconds. When air is totally filled expire the air slowly. It should be ensure that time of expiring the air should be more than that of inspired air. Breathing exercise helps lot to relieve tension. The tension relieving techniques in yoga’s are based on the breathing exercise. So practice breathing exercises to solve tension

Nerve cleaning pranayama

Sit straight by folding your legs. Expire the whole air in the body. Close the right nostril by using middle finger of the right had. Take breath slowly through the left nostril. If air becomes fully filled expire the air through the right nostril by closing the left nostrils. Do giving out of air slowly. Take double of the time than inspirations to expire the air. Do taking of air through left nostril and giving out of air through right nostril as stated above. Repeat this for four times then it become a pranayama. Practice it daily and do it upto12 pranayamas.

Sheethali pranayamam

Sit straight with folding your legs. Fold your tongue in the shape of pipe an take breath through mouth hold breath for some time and release it slowly through nostrils. This is also a type of pranayama. It also facilitates relieving of tension. Pranayama is the one of the most advisable method to relieve tension. Most of the western peoples are following pranayams to relieve tension or to face any type of their problem at any situation. Try pranayamas in calm and quiet environment.

Singing and listening to music

Music is a good thing to alleviate tension. Hearing music helps to divert our mind from the problem. There is lot of music products available specially to face problems or tension. It is proven that music can reduce tension. Singing in some high voice is more helpful to reduce tension. We all know about Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh dhoni is always known as cool captain he follows the same technique of singing in pressure situations. Majority of peoples like to sing in bathrooms the reason behind this is freedom and easiness available there. Music is tonic to relieve the tension. There are lot of studies and researches are going on this topic. One of the reason of tension freeness of the musicians is they are tension free by singing sweet songs.


Peoples in loneliness and aged peoples like to change their life in devotional manner. The reason behind this is to relieve tension during their aged life. It will help to provide relief from all stressful situations. Pray alleviate all the tensions because of the faith about the god in the mind. But it has a limit don’t try to do this in a bad way. Set limits to all type of pray also. Try prays in stressfully and tension situations you can enjoy tension relieving magic.


Peoples with interesting hobbies are tension free. By enjoying their hobbies they forgot all the tensions. Hobbies like drawing, gardening, stitching, small agricultural activities, stamp collection are advisable according to their own interest. Hobbies are the one of the best means to relieve tension. Hobbies should be selected according to interest only otherwise it may become boring.


Journey is also a good method tension releaving. After all job busies tries to make enjoyable journey it will hwlps yo releave your tension. In all developed countries the job servers it self provide trips for their employers. It will helps to refresh all the previously tension making problems. It is also good to make a smalll journey at atensed time is also good toreleave tesion. Lot of studies done in the west says that journey is a good tension releaver.

Good memories

Anouther most important tension releaver is remembering your sweet memories. It is the most good tension releaver. The memories may be a journey with your sweet hearts or a previously motived memory are also helpfull to releave tension.

Family discussions

Promote discussing thing s among family members is a good way to alleviate tension. Make it as a habit as relieving tension. It will make the feeling that they are not alone. Also advisable to eat food with family members will facilitate discussion so it is also advisable. Most supporters in our life is always family members so discussion among them facilitate tension relieving