She Works Full Time To Feed 2 Sick Girls. Then, A Stranger Tells Her To Look At The iPad.

Shanna Leavitt is a single mom to daughters Kadence, 12, and Addison, 9.

In 2010, when Addison was three years old, Shanna noticed she was losing her balance and falling more than usual. However, pediatricians and neurologists couldn’t diagnose Addison. Instead, they simply explained it as adolescent awkwardness.

A few years later, Shanna noticed similar symptoms in her oldest daughter Kadence. She knew something just wasn’t right.

In May 2015, both Kadence and Addison were diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia, a rare genetic neuromuscular disease that affects one in 50,000 people.

Since Friedreich’s Ataxia causes damage to the nervous system and makes it difficult to move and speak, Shanna and her daughters had to accept the heartbreaking reality: both sisters will likely lose the use of their limbs within 10 years as their bodies slowly deteriorate.

These days, Addison spends half of her time confined to a wheelchair and can no longer use stairs. Shanna, who works full-time as a dental hygienist, began suffering from tendonitis from physically assisting the girls around their two-story house.

However, Shanna has an incredible outlook and positive attitude — traits that ultimately led to a group of anonymous donors to perform an unbelievable act of kindness for the family in need.

Watch the video below to see what Shanna discovered inside a gift-wrapped box…

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