She Lost Over 200 Pounds And Shared Her Journey On Instagram.

Meet the 25-year-old telling the story of her weight loss on Instagram. Simone Anderson from Auckland in New Zealand, started her journey when she was 23 at 372 pounds and has made her way down to 169. Her decision to share her journey publicly was way to make herself accountable.

‘I had an account and I pressed publish after four or five days of crying — but the minute I pressed publish it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders,’ Simone told BBC Newsbeat. ‘I knew this time there was no turning back.’


She made sure that she was refreshingly raw in her journey, saying, ‘From day one I showed the good, the bad and the ugly of extreme weight loss. I exposed my skin, I showed every stretch mark, every little bit of sagging to the world.’


Simone Anderson made sure that her journey was as honest as it possibly could be and is even working to share other people’s weight loss journeys.Simone Anderson’s ‘Journey to Health’ Instagram account has inspired many other and has received over 150,000 followers.

Simone Anderson had gastric sleeve surgery where the stomach is reduced to around 15% of its original size. She then combined this with a healthier diet, lifestyle and an exercise regime to get fit.

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She added that “people are used to seeing a before and after picture and making their judgements” but that few were prepared to see the stages in between.
“Even if I have changed one life of a person who is going out for a run now, that’s the most amazing feeling ever.”

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