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Seven suggestions to use public wifi in safe manner

This is the golden age wifi networks. Wifi networks are available in everywhere. In schools, hostels, shops, even in roads also. Wifi availability in smart phones makes a revolution in this branch. In some areas open wifi networks are available.
By using online shopping even if in the time of eating in restaurant anyone can buy thing using open wifi utilities. Some of them get cheated in these cases. Public networks have no safety about your personal data’s. Firewall of your computer or mobile can’t do anything to prevent that. So should aware in some things when using pubic wifi networks.


1, switch off sharing

If sharing option of your computer or phone is on switch off sharing option before connecting to public utility. If it is not off others can hack your system by getting into our control panel. So switch off all your sharing options.

2, use a single VPN

One of the safe ways to use public networks are setting up a VPN for using public networks. By this it safe to use and all data’s in your system become safe in this way.lot of VPN’s are available at free cost or not.

3 cancel the option to connect automatically with wifi networks.

Turn off the automatic connectivity with wifi networks. if this utility is on it will connect automatically and may be chance connect it with dangerous networks. So turn off this.

4, make sure about the name of the network.

Make sure about the name before connecting it with the network. Sometimes hackers are waiting us with same name of that network. So login only after make sure about the name of the network.

5,keep password safe

Make different passwords for your different accounts. By this you can prevent hacking of your further accounts. To prevent loss of passwords we can use password managers like keep pass and last pass.

6, turn on firewall

Almost all operating systems provide fire wall. Which control input and output connection but it will make sure of the safety of accounts. But it should be turn on always.

7, Use antivirus software’s

Always use antivirus software which is renewed in correct time. It will helps to provide alerts before you enter into an unsafely website or network.