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Mystery Behind Malaysian Flight 370 May Have Been Solved.

MH 370 was already a huge mystery. When four passengers’ bank accounts were drained mysteriously in July, it only heightened the sense of mystery.

Now, however, police have identified a suspect in the case. “We believe this is an inside job involving a bank employee,” said Inspector- General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar.

The suspect was able to withdraw money from four passengers’ accounts- two of them Malaysians and two of them Chinese. Police discovered that the suspect transferred money from the bank accounts of three victims into the bank of a fourth victim. All of this took place through internet banking. Now, however, a mysterious fifth bank account has been discovered.

Kuala Lumpur Chief Datuk Tajuddin Md Isa said:

The initial police investigation found that from the RM110,643, a sum of RM35,000 was transferred into the fifth account through Internet banking. The fifth bank account is registered in the name of an unknown individual.

The bank, HSBC, declined to comment. HSBC media relations manager Joanna Fargus said the following:

We take the safety and security of customer information seriously. Because of our policy of confidentiality regarding customer account matters, it is inappropriate to comment.

The police investigation remains ongoing.

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