Mr.Bean vs Teacher.. Very Funny

Rowan Atkinson Converted To Islam Mr-Bean-s-holiday-mr-bean-28500867-1421-670

Teacher : Little Mr.Bean, assuming you were at a bus stop and Terrorist throws a bomb. What will you do ?
Little Mr.Bean : I will stop assuming…..

Teacher : What is a verb ?
Little Mr.Bean : A verb is a valve in a bicycle Tyre.

Teacher : What are You saying ?
Little Mr.Bean : Its a complete sentence sir.

Teacher : Are You mad ?
Little Mr.Bean : Its a question sir

Teacher : don’t be …stupid
Little Mr.Bean : Its an advice sir.

Teacher : stop that nonsense!
Little Mr.Bean : Its a command sir.

Teacher : You are an idiot
Little Mr.Bean : Its an insult sir.

Teacher : Get out of my class!
Little Mr.Bean : Its an order sir.

Teacher : Oh goodness!,,,, what a boy!,,,,
Little Mr.Bean : Its an exclamation sir.

Teacher : May God have mercy on You.
Little Mr.Bean : Its a prayer sir …..

the teacher fainted!!

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