Mother Secretly Pictured This Boy Doing Something To Her New Born.

Katie Meyers and her husband were happily expecting a baby boy. After a very successful pregnancy, they delivered a beautiful little boy. While the family was already blessed with a son, Kaden being born made the family even happier.

But months after he was born, Katey grew terrified. Kaden was not growing like his peers and was not able to walk without assistance. It turned out that he might as well not be able to survive for long.

Kaden was not able to walk and was not at all growing.
Kaden was trying hard to move a step forward every day. He started using a wheelchair to move.

One day they encountered a wonderful meeting.
While Kaden was playing at an exhibit, he was dropping a lot of balls down. It was then he made a new friend who helped him pick the balls up and play. Katey took a picture and posted it on Facebook.

Katey just wanted the world to know how wonderful the feeling of love is. Katey even spotted how similar the boy was to Kaden with the same curiosity and happiness. Katey never feels disappointed of anyone who tries to ask about Kaden.

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