Mother meets daughter for first time after 77 years

Minka Disbrow was walking through the woods by her house one day in 1928 when three men attacked and raped her. While she was traumatized from the experience, things took another turn when she realized a couple of months later that she had become pregnant at the age of 16. Faced with a decision, she decided to make to put the child up for adoption.

Naming her child Betty Jane, she explained that it was intensely difficult to give her up, but knew that ultimately it was the best decision. She continued to write to her daughter dozens of letters over the years to the adoption agency, hoping she could get news about where her child had gone.

That girl was renamed Ruth and went on to live a happy life with her new family. While she knew she was adopted, she never sought to find her biological parents until she got a little bit older and began having some health problems. Her family encouraged her to find out more about her genetics, which led her to retrace back to her biological mother.

When she began to dig and look into her biological origins, she found her mother, who, to her surprise, had never forgotten about her. More than that, she was astonished to receive a package with more than 60 hand-written letters from her.

Ruth’s daughter has recently written a book about the emotional journey, titled The Waiting. She explains in the book that book that the two women are “like sisters.”

Check out this amazing clip that will bring tears to your eyes.


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