Mom FORCED To Clean Up When Her Little Boy Was Sick At Restaurant, But You Will Never Guess What The Staff Did Next!

Everyone love and care kids, But only mommy knows that when your child is sick, it can be an utter nightmare. After all, you’re worried for the health of your little one, and want to make sure that they are okay. What’s more, if it happens in a public place, you stress that you have annoyed the people around you. If your kid vomits, for example, you might feel a little embarrassed. That’s normal. Most of the time, though, the people in the area will treat you with compassion. In general, people tend to understand that it’s hard to be a parent and when disaster strikes, you will often find that strangers go above and beyond to help.

Well, that’s not what happened to Rebecca Harnett. The mother-of-three was at a nearby restaurant in Queensland when her son, who is just two years old, was sick on the floor.

It’s not nice, but we’ve all been there and had to deal with situations like this. What surprised Rebecca the most was the fact that the staff at the restaurant were anything but helpful about the situation. The staff said that the charge for them to clean up would be $30, but when Rebecca said no, they were not happy. In fact, they FORCED her to clean up the mess all alone in front of the entire restaurant. When she thought that the ordeal was over, they did something even worse.

Since Rebecca had used a mop from the restaurant, the staff there insisted that she pay an extra $10 fine for the pleasure of doing so. They said that the fee would go towards sterilizing the mop after she had used it.

My aunty owns a coffee shop and it’s not the customer’s responsibility. They have a service of duty and they didn’t do it. I was taken aback, Rebecca later told Sunshine Coast Daily.

Since the incident happened, Rebecca has taken to Facebook to let the world know just what happened at the restaurant!

Here’s what Rebecca wrote on Facebook:

While we waited on our meals my two-year-old son had a little vomit on the floor. I didn’t expect anyone to clean it up. One of the waitresses gave me paper towel and a wet towel. I cleaned it up and she came back with plastic bags for me to dispose of. All fine with that. The lady in charge comes over after we’d finished eaten and said, I heard you had a little accident. The standard charge in any restaurant is $30 if you want us to finish cleaning up [sic].

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