Mom Finds A Bagged Lunch In The Fridge, Then She Reads The Secret Note From Her Son.

The first day of school is difficult for both parents and kids every year, but the very first day of school, now that’s a whole other story!

“It makes me a little sad … That’s my baby. The time’s going by too fast,” said one real mom from Oscar Mayer’s new campaign. In it three moms struggle with sending their little ones off to school for the very first time.

With the children out of the house for hours on end, stepping into the great big world for the very first time, it can stir a lot of emotions. To ease the mothers into the transition, both child and daddy got together to give these moms a touching surprise.

The kindergartners wrote special messages to show their appreciation for mommy, this time around they packed a brown-bagged lunch for her, and even set out her “back to school” outfit for her.

The small gesture served as a little reminder that even the smallest of children know all that mom does for them to get them ready for school.

“Dear mommy, I will miss you so much,” one son writes.

The children thank their parents for giving them an amazing summer and let them know how much they cherish their family time together.

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