Man Surprises 98-Year-Old Grandma With Song On Her Birthday

Singer/songwriter and life coach, Ash Ruiz, who lives in Boulder, Colorado posted a video to his Facebook page of him singing to his grandmother. At the beginning of the video, Grandma Jean asked Ruiz for more singing after he had just sung ‘Sorento’ for her, according to ABC News.

“When I was 8 years old she [his grandmother Gina Rosa Offord DiSanto Evangelista Ciasco] taught me how to sing ‘Unforgettable’ by Nat King Cole because it was her favorite song and I was to sing it with her for her birthday every year,” Ruiz said. “Hence a tradition began and throughout the years we would sing ‘My Funny Valentine’ on Valentine’s Day, ‘White Christmas‘ during the holidays and of course ‘Unforgettable’ on her birthday.”

“I have the most precious memories of my Grandma Jean doing everything with a song. It didn’t matter if she was doing laundry or making lasagna, she was always singing and her voice was rich, velvety and beautiful,” Ruiz continued.

Grandma Jean lost her singing voice in the late 80s, but the tradition of ‘Unforgettable‘ has always been kept in their family. Whether by phone or by Skype, Ruiz would continue to sing to his grandmother, except this year was different.

With Grandma Jean turning 98, he decided to surprise her in person with her favorite song, so Ruiz flew to visit her in Florida. “When I rewatch it I have no idea how I held it together for so long, I did lose it at the end of the song and what you don’t see is the sweet tears and ‘I love yous’ that followed,” Ruiz said.


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He still performs with Menudo on reunion tours and said he hopes the video inspires people to “hold their loved ones a little bit closer and longer, especially when their years are closer to their first and last breath.”

Watch this incredible video below and please SHARE it with your friends and family on Facebook!

please SHARE it with your friends and family on Facebook!