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Make your nails attractive

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It is also important maintenance of nail as like as face. There is no doubt in nail beauty can increase the total beauty. So everyone has an attitude to maintain nails in good condition. Let see when we should have to think about nail care. Start it from your adolescence also.

Ultraviolet is not dangerous

Manicuring of nails under ultraviolet rays is not dangerous. It is a false belief that manicuring under ultraviolet rays is injurious to health. Hardness of ultraviolet rays that we used to blackening is same as that of this ultraviolet rays also. It will not cause sin folds or any skin diseases. Applying of sunscreen lotion is beneficial in this case.

Prevent infection

Make sure that instruments used in saloon are clean and will not cause infection. It is also applicable in persons with their own instruments. Say if any itching or any problem occurs after manicuring. Consult doctor if nails become reddish and if any other irritation occurs.

French manicure

Pale pink nail polish and white colour at the tip of nail ill give old classic fashion to nails. It feels nails lengthy. Pale colours are most advisable in serious events like interviews.

Breakage of nails

May your crazy ideas destruct beauty of your nails? Any breakage problem to your nail shellac or jell manicure will help to overcome that. This helps maintain the glow and softness up to three weeks. Make sure of giving nail polish more than 3 coats. It is difficult to remove.

Shape according to hand

Selecting of shape like sharp, long or any type should be according to fitness to hand also. Most suitable foe majority is oval shaped nails. If you are interested in simplicity black round nail are advisable. Square shaped nails are most suitable to long fingers. Square shaped nails with ends are shaped as circle is also more attractive. Sharp end of the nails gives lengthy appearance.

When selecting nail polishers

Is thick red colours make you beauty or make it ugly? Answer is according to colour of your skin. For olive colure white chocolate or light red colour is advisable. Selecting colour after putting nail polish over selofon tape on the nails is also good.

Pearl pink with more glowing

Pale or pearl pink nail polishes will lasts more than other colours. Neutral colours don’t show scratches and holes over nails. For touch up in house just add one coat of the nail polish only. Two small coats are more beneficial than that of a hard single coat. It is more attractive.

More care needed for hard colour

Attractiveness towards hard colours like blue, yellow, green is not loss for ever. But most attractive is clean and new colours. In such cases care of nails are much more necessary. When nail growth occur seeing of original colour of nails makes bad to see.

Fake but

Friable, broken or complaint nails has alternative artificial nails. But adequate beauty parlour visit is needed for maintenance of this artificial nails. Not only may this it destroy original nails also. Cause infection with loose or moisturised nails.

Art in nails

Nails got more beauty when we add small sequence to that. New trend in nail polishing is feeling of old paints and giving special colours in the tip nails. Drawing over metallic sheet using magnet is the most new trend of this generation. Fans for moon manicuring are increasing day by day. Giving pale colours to half of the nails and giving another colour to remaining part is called moon manicuring.

Daily caring

Don’t forget wearing gloves during your work in kitchen and gardens. Don’t use nails to scratch your price tags or things like that. Avoid using of nails to open soda bottles. Use hand washes instead of washing soaps. Use lotion for softening your cuticles. Place purse, keys, and mobiles out before starting manicuring. It is for preventing loss of nail polish by inserting your hand into purse before drying of nail polishes. Polish coats are good to prevent the spread of nail polish over dresses. Using of special oils is also good for care of nails. Loss of nail polishes or scratch over nail polishes outside beauty parlour makes anger to us. Don’t become so anger remove the whole nail polishes in that finger using acetone and replace the nail polish after drying of the whole nail polish.