Interesting Technology

Make your computer safe

We give not only importance to the hygiene in our house but also in our work places also. but we will not give Importance to the cleanliness of devices that we use in our day to day life like computers. We are only get alerted when our computer or laptop become damaged.
We can use these devices for a long time if we use this in clean manner


Reduce atmospheric temperature.

We all know cool is necessary for the safety of computers. But we all are not bothered about this in our home. We can reduce atmospheric temperature even if the absence of air conditioner. For that place computer in the area having light and ventilation. By this we can reduce hot to some extent. One more thing is to make sure that fan inside the CPU is working well.

Software checkup

Software check is necessary for good working of computers. For this 3 main points to be remembered. They are digraph, disc check. And antivirus scanning. Digraphing is for ignoring unwanted datas.Disc check should also done along with degraphing. Antivirus scanning in equal intervals helps to vanishes viruses from our computer

Increase the ability of UPS

UPS is compulsory for use of computer. For that an efficient UPS is necessary. Almost all problems caused to computer are due voltage variation. Check batteries of UPS in equal intervals is main way to avoid this problems. Change batteries within 3 years.

Do things with practical intelligence

As important as things that done for safety of computers practical intelligence is also important. Use of sex related websites, downloading of materials from unregistered sites will leads to virus attack.

Make backup

Good ways to keep data are making back up. For any reason our computer become damaged or virus attack occurs we will lost all our data. We can prevent this by making back up. We done this by convert it into a CD or use any online backup services.