Let there be no miracle!



Gust of emotions whirl beneath my eyelids,
But I bury them all to treasure your capricious memoirs.
Myriads are the qualms, the lips sigh to put through,
But I kiss them all silent by wearing a feign delight.
Cursing the shameless heart, so zealously
wedded to your sight.

To name it adamance or allegiance, I don’t know
Unfathomable is the reason for this languishes.
Reasoning in mind, the seasons of your sourness,
Vehemently accusing the foul being played in anguish.
Tried deciphering the mystery of this adherence
Only to find myself cut into two!

Insouciant wind cradled with warmth,
All those times, I was left aghast.
Cold nights seldom offered their empathy,
For all those sleepless nights drenched in bleak.
Hanging on a tenuous hope, I shudder at the sight below,
Comes an outcry from the far off land, which wakes me
from the spellbind.

Let there be no miracle, was the only prayer
For, I want to bathe in despair and
relish it for some more.
Even though I know that I am not home
Solace to the spirit is that, lastly I have known….

——————————–By Shilpa B