In his youth, Al was artist, studied ceramics. He had a wife and two wonderful sons. One evening his eldest son suddenly started severe abdominal pain. Deciding that it is a common disorder of digestion, neither Al nor his wife were not taken seriously to complaints son. In fact it turned out to be acute appendicitis, and that night the boy died.

Knowing that it was possible to prevent the death of his son, if he realized the seriousness of the situation, Al, tormented by remorse, experienced a severe nervous breakdown. Everything else wife soon left him, leaving him with a six youngest son. Pain and hurt were too heavy a burden for Ala, and he began to drink for solace. Soon a successful artist turned into an alcoholic.

Alcoholism progressed, and Al began to lose everything he had, – house, land, their pottery, everything. Eventually Al died alone in a motel room in San Francisco.

When I learned of the death of Ala, I responded with the same contempt that the world shows to those who complete life without certain material benefits.

– What a loser! How wasted life!

As time passed, I gradually began to revise their conclusions. The fact that I know Ernie, now adult son Ala. He – all kindness, loving and caring person. I watched Ernie, when there were his children, and saw how they love each other. I knew that such kindness and sympathy do not arise out of nowhere.

I have not heard that Ernie talked a lot about his father, is not it difficult to defend an alcoholic. One day I plucked up courage.

– I am extremely puzzling one point – I said. – I know that my father actually brought you one. What did he do to you grew up in such a wonderful person?

Ernie was silent for a few moments, thinking about my question, and then said:

– From the very first days of my eighteen years and Al every night come to my room, kissed me and said, “I love you, son.”

My eyes filled with tears as I realized how wrong calling Ala loser. Yes, he did not leave behind any wealth. But he was a kind and loving father and left behind a wonderful son.

Author: Bobby JI

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