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Kindness and sympathy of people gives hope…


Old woman is living next door . Her husband died five years ago, and two years ago her daughter along with her husband and two young children died in an accident .

When I returned from school, I saw something handwritten on the entrance door listing saying  “Lost $ 100, who finds – Please return to the apartment 76, the pension is small,  no money to buy bread. “In the apartment 76 old woman is living i realized .  I got $ 100 from my purse and walk up to the 5th floor .

And i went to old woman and gave her $100, She cried  and she said:
” You’re the twelfth man who brought me the money . Thank you. ”

I smiled and walked to the elevator already, But old woman suddenly called me from behind and told me, ” Daughter, Grab that listing in the door, I didn’t wrote this.”

The old woman stood and cried. Kindness and sympathy of people gives me hope.