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Just did not want to hurt you


Girl with a guy for a long time already met.

And at the next meeting the guy tells the girl:- We need to leave!

She answers: Why?

We love each other.

He replied: Because I’m going to marry another. At first she did not understand, and he began to explain to her:-

You know, my parents will not let me marry you. The girl ran away in tears, but he finally had to tell her that he would always love her and only. A month later, she walked near his house and saw a lot of people with flowers. She thought that they had an engagement. And went home next year, she met a very nice guy, who fell in love with her. Then he with his parents came to her home for marriage proposal. Her parents agreed to their marriage and the girl also agreed because of the guy who left her, the guy. And they celebrated the wedding and came home.

Her husband said to her: Do you remember the guy who leave you a year ago?

Yes!  How do you know about him?

He’s my brother. He did not actually married another, he died of cancer, and just did not want to hurt you …

He asked me to take you as my wife, as he promised to our parents that you will be their daughter !

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