Jaw-Dropping Facts You Didn’t Know About the Human Body

What do you know about your body? These Facts About the Human Body Will Send Chills Down Your Spine. These amazing facts may still be hard to swallow, but you will absolutely be all ears to hear about them.

Your brain generates enough electricity to power a light bulb.
When you are awake, your brain is known to generate electricity in the amount of about 15-25 watts. This power is quite enough to keep a low-wattage LED lamp shining!

Human teeth are roughly as strong as shark teeth.
The fun part: the enamel which covers the top of your teeth is the hardest part of your whole body.

Stomach acid can make a hole in your skin.
Hydrochloric acid is a typical “inhabitant” of a human stomach. This type of acid is industrial-grade and can, in fact, destroy metals!

The human hair is virtually indestructible.
Even the content of your bloodstreams such as vitamins, drugs, or alcohol, can be found out from a strand of hair analysis.

Humans can create up to 7,000 different facial expressions.
According to scientists, there are four main facial expressions: angry, afraid/surprised, happy, and sad. Based on these, all the rest of 7,000 expressions are performed.

Babies have over 60 more bones in their bodies than adults.
Babies are born with as many as 270 bones. Later on, some of the bones start fusing together, for instance, the bones of the spine.

The resolution of the eye is estimated to be around 500 megapixels.
The resolution of the human eye is estimated to be around 500 megapixels. It makes them 72 times more precise than the rear camera of iPhone 6.

An adult’s skin weighs around 17,6 pounds on average.
The skin weight makes lifting up another human being so difficult. Another interesting fact about your skin is that every square inch of it is covered with more than six hundred sweat glands.

The human skeleton regenerates itself every 10 years.
You always have a blend of old and new bones in your body.

Your kidneys filter all of your blood about 25 times a day.
Only one percent of the blood they filter turn into the urine, the rest is redistributed throughout the body. A kidney of an adult isn’t big at all, in fact, its size can be compared to that of a fist.

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Your heartbeat synchronizes with the rhythm of the music you are listening to.
Music, especially the one that contains a continuous increase in volume or tempo, makes your heartbeat synchronize with it.

The enzymes that are responsible for digesting the food will begin to digest the human body itself after death.
The enzymes make human organs start to digest the body. And they then team up with microbes, and the process of decomposition begins.

Some of the atoms in our bodies are stardust that is billions of years old.
All plants, animals, your food, even your car contain pieces of distant stars.

In an average lifetime, the heart pumps around 53 million gallons of blood.
This fist-sized organ beats around 115 thousand times a day and pumps 2,000 gallons of blood. In a lifetime, the number of its beats can reach 3 billion!

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