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Instaglasses Lets You Take Instagram Pictures Directly From Your Glasses

Wearable technology is a new trend scouring the Internet in either concept or physical form. There have been smartwatches like Pebble or glasses that display your social notifications and stream your live view like Google Glass. But where does this fad connect to the world of photography and social sharing? Well, now you can grab the perfect pair of hipster-wear in the form of Instaglasses.


A concept artist by the name of Markus Gerke took the popular photo editing/sharing app for iPhone and Android to heart when designing these fun fashion items. The mock-up has the shape of Ray Bans seen among the hipster-type crowd that populates Instagram so often each day. They match the color scheme of the app itself, and on one side you can see the for capturing whatever view you wish to share at that point in time.


The functions of the glasses are fairly simple; after taking the picture with the built-in camera, just use scroll through the various filters built into the eyepiece by pressing one of two small buttons on the side. Once you chosen the appropriate filter, you need only press the button on the bridge to post it to your Instagram feed and various other social media sites. To allow posting from anywhere at anytime, Instaglasses will have built in 4G+Wifi for your convenience.


The specs for this remarkable piece of wearable tech includes up to 7 hours of battery life and 2GB of onboard storage. So, overall this is a strong and well though out concept, and, with Facebook’s recent billion dollar purchase of Instagram, there might be enough R&D budget to back up the creation of this product. But do you see this becoming a real consumer device, or maybe another Kickstarter craze? Let us know in the comments if you would even consider buying a pair of Instaglasses in the future.