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If You Like to Stay Always Young, You Should Read This

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“Your skin doesn’t show your age” this advertisement quote we hear it for long years. Over just an advertisement it is also a truth about our body. Youth of man is not maintained by his hair, face, or body. It is maintained by skin. If you use to protect your skin wisely you can maintain your youth.
You can beat age by maintaining skin. There is no doubt in that. Lot of factors are there that affects the skin. Like where you are going, what you are eating, what you are thi king all il affect your skin. Let us see some ways to protect our skin.

1. Do exercises.

We heard a lot about the benefits of exercises to our body. Skin is the largest organ in the human body. Exercise can also have a great role in protecting skin. Exercise helps to facilitate the increase in blood circulation to the skin also. Also exercises helps to stop problematic toxins in our body. Due to increase in the blood circulation skin will get sufficient blood, oxygen and nutrients. It helps to prevent folds in the skin.

2. Intake of vitamins

Almost all skin creams in the present world contain vitamin c or vitamin e. Instead of tropical application eating of these vitamins is more beneficial than that of tropical application. It will help to provide you glowing skin. It also prevents the folds in the skin. Intake of A mineral named as selenium is also very good for the skin. Selenium is rich in sunflower oil, fish, oats, liver etc.
The content that prevents folds in skin is collagen. Selenium helps o production of collagen. Some has the doubt that is sweating due to the exercise good for skin? Sweating helps to reopen the holes in the skin. Good bathing after exercise will helps to prevent the problem of sweating.

3. Sleep well for your health

We can easily identify from your body that if you are not sleep well for a week. Black mark below the eyes, dead eye, pale skin, will say that you are not sleeping well. Good sleeping pattern helps to maintains healthy skin and their by maintaining the beauty.

If you had the habit of sleeping by pressing your face on the pillow it must be sure that you got folds over your skin. Treatment for this is sleep by lie straight in bed,

4. You should have a fear about sun

Worshiping sun as god is not bad. But frequent sunlight over skin is not so good. For about 90 percent of all skin problems are contributed by sun. It may also have the chance for skin cancer also. Most strength sunlight is from 10 am to 2 pm. Use sunscreen lotions to at his time is good to avoid the problems of skin due to sunlight. Wearing full sleeve dresses and has will also helps to prevent problems due to sunlight.

5. Decrease alcoholism.

Increase in alcohol content is not good for body as well as for skin also. Alcohol contents leaks all the water content in the body resulting in dry skin. It will also leads to the expansion of the blood vessels. Redness face of drunken is due to the reason. Smoking is also injurious to health. Most problematic thing to skin after sunlight is smoking. It causes reduction in the blood supply of oxygen towards skin. This is the most vulnerable problem caused by smoking to the skin. This is the reason for folds over the skin of a 20 year old smoker.

6. Wash of all wastes

Skin wants to face lot of wastes day by day. Smoke from cigarettes, smoke from vehicles, dust wind this all will make dense waste over the skin. Treatment for this is washing of face using soap and cold water. If you wants to conserve your skin wash your face and apply moisturisers before went for sleep.

7. Increase the intake of water

No other thing can replace the quality of skin as like water. Increased intake of water helps to maintain moisture over skin. There by preventing the folds of skin. Water has also the ability to transport the essential nutrients for the skin and thereby preventing the attack of toxins. Water will also help to increase blood circulation and facilitate increase in glowing of the skin. It is only possible by intake of 8 to 10 glasses of water.

8. Avoid black spots

Black spot over pregnant women’s and women who are contraceptive medicines are common. It is named as melasma. It is due to the increase of the content named as melanin which gives usual colour to the skin. Usually melasma disappears after delivery and stoppage of contraceptive medicines. If will not disappears you should consult a doctor.

9. Special attention in summer and winter

Winter season and cold wind affects skin to much badly. Makes scaling of the skin. So you should remember to take moisturisers over skin in such situations. Intake of water is also good. You should have to pay special attention to skin in summer season also. Go out after application of sun screen lotions only.

10. Avoid tea and coffee

Caffeine content in tea and coffee absorbs water content of the body. If you are coffee or tea consumer in large quantity dry of skin must be compulsory. Intake of water is better instead of tea or coffee.

11. Maintain good diet

To maintain your skin soft just like as cotton you should only have to maintain all the things stated above. It is become so easy when it continues with a good diet also. Increased intake of fruits and vegetables with increased vitamin A content is so much beneficial. Vitamin A is rich in carrot, orange, egg and leafy vegetables. Vitamin A helps to prevent folds of the skin. Lemon, kiwifruit, are rich in vitamin C is also beneficial for skin. Vitamin E richer olive oil; and and cashew nut also helps to maintain a healthy skin. Intake of fish foods also facilitate in maintaining healthy skin. In that fishes it is rich in fatty acids. So it can also help to maintain healthy skin.

Green tea is also good to maintain healthy skin. Green tea is popular for its antioxidant richness of the green tea. Green tea can prevent oedema and prevention of sunburn. Green tea is the normal content of almost all beauty creams. So involving f green tea in usual diet is helpful to conserve the skin.