How to Understand Girls.

So you can’t understand girls? No worries. This page tells you everything from how to get a girl to like you to how to figure out what your girlfriend wants.


If a girl likes you, she will most likely act either really flirty, play with her hair or stare at you when you are around her or talking to her. Some even are clumsy around guys they like.
If you want a girl to like you, then find out what she likes. This will especially work if she likes things that most people don’t like. For example, if a girl likes punk rock and your town mostly likes hip hop, show an interest in it.
If you really don’t like, for instance punk rock, then just learn some bands. You don’t have to listen to it, but she’ll appreciate your showing interest in her interests.
If you want a girl to know you like her, just talk to her every chance you get (but don’t overdo it or she might be creeped out). Stare at her and be bashful. Girls usually find that cute.
If you have a girlfriend, there are a lot of key signs to tell what she wants.
Don’t kiss a girl unless you have been together for at least a week, or she might feel pressured into the relationship. If she looks at you and smiles when it is silent, and plays with her hair and bites her lip she might be hinting for you to kiss her.
If she wants you to leave her alone, she will stay farther away from you than normal and not talk as much.
If she is sad, she will act like things are fine, making this a little harder to figure out. Sometimes that is not the case and she will show her emotions. She will act differently than normal, and probably break down if you are persistent about it. Girls don’t like to show their weaknesses.
If she is mad at you, she will act like you don’t care about her. If she acts like this, wait a day and then ask her out on a date or do something romantic. She will forgive you if it is romantic enough, even if you don’t know what you did. Try not to say sorry if you don’t know what you did, because she might not be mad at you.
If she might be cheating on you, she might act defensive and will be gone more than usual, or just not hang out with you a lot. When she is with you, she will act nicer and more distracted than normal.