How to Tell a Secret


How to tell secrets to those whom you know you can truly trust.


  1. Find that one person who you know, out of all your potential friends, that you can trust (truly trust).
  2. Let that friend know how serious the secret is and that you don’t want anyone else to know.
  3. Let that friend know that you are telling them because you KNOW you can trust them.
  4. Ask them if you can count on them to keep the secret.
  5. Only if they say yes, should you tell them, and even then be cautious about how much information you give out.
  6. Don’t give out all the information at once, tell them only as much as they need to know.
  7. If there are many people around, refrain from telling the secret.
  8. Whisper very softly. You don’t want your secret to be heard by anyone else, do you?