How to Keep Confident When Hanging Around Boys


It’s hard to know how to act around boys. You may not be sure whether to be ultra-cool, ultra-social, ultra-serious or ultra-flirty. Stop thinking so hard. Set your mind on behaving naturally and you can easily talk to boys!

1.Know that boys will probably like talking to you.
It’s not like they think differently, and the more you talk to them the more they will talk to you.

2.Take a deep breath before talking to that cute boy.
This only takes a few seconds and helps to calm you down so you can act more natural. Continue to do it if you feel yourself starting to freak out.

3.If you freak out too much when talking to a cute boy, then try talking to a nice, average-looking guy first.
Most likely no guy will turn you down just for talking to him.

4.Offer compliments and ask him questions about himself.
If he’s talking about himself, you don’t have to talk. If you know a particular boy’s interest, get him chatting about it. Find out how the local basketball team did last night before talking to that hoops fan.

5.Ask him about the clothes he’s wearing.
If you notice that he is wearing a Beatles shirt, say something like: “I love the Beatles! They’re my favorite band!” .But don’t lie if it’s not your favorite band or something like that. Boys like girls who are honest!

6.Look at their faces or at their lips if you can’t focus on their eyes.
This way you look like you’re paying attention without getting excited or overwhelmed

7.Think about becoming friends with the boys first.
Many romantic relationships began as friendships. This gives you time to get to know each other in a way that goes beyond physical attraction.

8.Focus on other things in your life other than boys or looks.
Find hobbies and interests. This makes you more interesting to boys and gives you something to talk about with them, especially if they’re in the same extracurricular activity.

9.Make sure you’re confident.
Boys like confidence. If you lack it,fake it. Smile and keep your back straight. Talk to them about anything.

10.Be nice.
Boys don’t like mean girls. So don’t act rude or put on a sour face. Always smile and try not to add sour sarcasm that makes him feel hurt.

11.Don’t annoy him.
Don’t stalk a guy or keep poking him or talk really loudly. If he seems annoyed then, it’s a good idea to stop.

12.Understand it may take a while to become comfortable around boys.
Many adult women who now enjoy comfortable relationships with men, struggled with boys when they were teens. The older you get, the more confident you become.

13.Be fun.
Don’t say “I don’t know what I want to do” or “I don’t care, whatever”. Smile, laugh, and suggest room to play!

14.Remember, boys are just as nervous as you are.
Chances are they’re not really listening to you, but focused on themselves and worrying about how to act around you. Unless you make a total mistake with what you say, they probably won’t notice.

Guys love to see the girl they like smile. Don’t smile every second though. Their goal is to see your beautiful smile. Therefore, don’t act like your upset. When he says something funny or silly, give him a big smile. That way he feels accomplished and melts inside at seeing your smile.