How To Get Your Partner To Better Understand You

All of us want to be seen, heard and understood. We especially want this from our partners. We want our partners to say, Yes, I am listening. Yes, I get it. Yes, I understand your pain. I’m sorry it hurts, and I am here. We want our partners to be interested in and to care about what’s happening inside our hearts.

Below, We shared suggestions on how to get your partner to better understand you emotionally

Focus On Understanding Them

Keep It Short And Sweet When You Have Something Emotional To Say

Always Keep Your Voice Calm

Pay Attention To Your Body Language

Be Very Clearer About How You Feel

Don’t Criticize Or Ask Them To Change

Say It In Letter Form

Remind Them They Don’t Need To “Fix” Anything

Always keep communicating, no matter what. That’s the key to better understanding each other, and expressing your emotions in a clearer way going forward.

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