How to Get People to Dream About You


Do you have a crush on someone but they don’t seem to like you back ? Well here are some suggestions on how to make that special someone come running into your waiting arms.

1.Find out what appeals to this person.
If the person thinks they can share some common interests with you,they can share their views on certain matters. If the person is passionate about something try to relate to their passion on a very deep and personal level. If you show that you have strong feelings about certain things the person will find you easy to share their feelings with.

2.Have a sense of humor.
If you are able to get this certain someone to laugh or make this person feel happy,they will find you interesting to talk to. Remember It isn’t a good idea to be in a bad mood or act seriously all of the time because this will make it a strain to talk to you. Depending on what the person is talking to you about,be a little easy going on the subject. But on more personal topics be serious about it in order to show the person that you are willing to listen to what they have to say and can maintain a certain level of maturity.

3.Tell the person that you were thinking about them all the time when you were not with them.
Always carry a confident smile whenever you meet that person.

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