How to Get a Boy to Like You in High School


This article will help you get a boy to like you in high school

1.Be confident about your looks and personality.
Every boy likes a girl who is confident in who she is.

2.Don’t forget that no matter what, you are beautiful.

3.Dress for success you can find some nice clothes at the store for cheap if you go to really good sales or where there’s clearance.

4.Manage to look cute.
If you’re sporty, go for a varsity look- like some jeans and a sweatshirt.

5.Smile, but don’t be fake.
Guys like it when a girl laughs and smiles, it shows them that you’re fun to be around, and its okay to laugh at his jokes, but no matter what all the rest of the videos say, don’t laugh at all of his jokes, or at least not the ones that aren’t funny to you.

6.Make eye contact.
Guys like it when you look at him when he is talking to you or when you are talking to him, it shows him that you are interested in what he has to say or that you are confident in what you have to say to him.

7.Look decent, no guy wants you to look bad, and this is not talking about clothes, we already covered that.
Here, we are talking about face and hair.

8.Be flirty.
If you don’t know how to flirt we are here to help. When you see him in the hall smile, but don’t dumb it down just for a boy because then he’ll think that you’re some kind of mental person.

9.Do not change yourself too much.

No matter what boy you like, never ever change your personality for him, because he will respect you and like you more with a real personality than a fake one, it shows him that you’re the real deal and that you are someone that he can count on.