How To Fall Asleep Fast

Good sleep is important to everyone. Sleep makes your body and brain function properly.

Some people have no problem falling asleep. However, many others have severe difficulty falling and staying asleep.

Here are some ways to fall asleep as fast as possible.

Use the 4-7-8 Breathing Method

The “4-7-8” method is a simple but powerful breathing method that promotes calmness and relaxation. It consists of a breathing pattern that relaxes the nervous system. It can be practiced anytime you feel anxious or stressed. If you don’t know what is 4-7-8 breathing method.

Here you can learn how to practice the 4-7-8 breathing method.

Practice Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness are tools to calm the mind and relax the body. Moreover, they have been shown to improve sleep.

Avoid Naps During the Day

Some studies have shown that naps during day may lead to poor nighttime sleep quality and even sleep deprivation.

Listen to Relaxing Music  

Music can significantly improve quality of sleep. It can even be used to improve chronic sleep disorders like insomnia.

Exercise Daily

Physical activity is very beneficial to healthy sleep. However, it is important to maintain a moderate-intensity exercise routine and not overdo it. Excessive training has been linked to poor sleep.

Think And Visualize Things That Make You Happy

Instead of lying in bed worrying and thinking about stressful things, visualize something that makes you feel happy and calm. This will help you to fall asleep fast.

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