How to Carry Your Sleeping Girl to Bed

Sweet dreams

Have you ever had your special girl fall asleep before she even attempted to go to bed? Does she look so peaceful, you don’t want to wake her? Well if you want to be sweet, seem like the best guy ever in her eyes, and maybe score some extra points, here’s how to carry your sleeping girl to bed.

1.Make sure she’s sleeping deeply.

  • Are her eyes closed?
  • Is her breathing slow, and maybe heavy?
  • If so, this is the time to take the chance.

2.Pick her up carefully.

  • If she’s lying on her back or side, this is good.
  • If she’s lying on her stomach, gently roll her onto her back.
  • Slide one of your hands beneath her shoulders and prop her up a bit.
  • Slide your free hand under her knees and lift.

3.Carry her.

  • Start walking towards her bed.
  • Make sure you DON’T bump her into things!
  • It could wake her up or worse, knock her out. Nothing is worse than for your kind gesture to go wrong and end her up in the ER.

4.Place her in bed.

  • If you haven’t already done so, turn back the covers.
  • Gently place her in bed.
  • Take her shoes and/or socks off.
  • If you want to risk waking her (and if you’re on that level of the relationship), dress her in her favorite pair of pajamas.
  • This should show her that you pay attention to the little things, which she should appreciate.

5.Cover her with the blanket.

  • Don’t pull it over her face, just up to her neck should suffice.
  • Give her a little kiss, then say sweet dreams or just a goodnight.

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