How to Avoid Suicide Due to Rejection of the Person You Love


Being rejected by a person that you love or have a crush on can be hard, but that isn’t the end of the world! This article will help you get back on your feet and help you be happy!

1.Suicide will not solve anything!

  • In life, we all get rejected and that’s something that we have to learn to deal with. Rejection does not mean it is the end of the world.
  • Suicide is never the answer to anything and it will make your family and friends devastatingly sad.
  • If possible, seek help from a doctor or therapist. You could also call the national suicide helpline at 1-800-273-8255 (United States).

2.Learn, forget and live:

  • Learn: If you’re rejected, think of it as a learning experience and learn from it to help you in the future whether you’re male or female. Never think of rejection as something bad and never tell yourself that it is your fault when it isn’t.
  • Forget: When you get rejected, you should forget about the rejection and not think about it. You should still however remain friends with the person you love or have a crush on, but if you have to avoid the person because they make you think about it then do so.
  • Live: Live happy everyday and do things that you love! You will find love sooner or later, but make everyday bright and get out and do things! Meet new people, and hangout with friends.

3.Move on.
Moving on can be the hardest thing to do, but it is one of the easiest if you make it easier for yourself to move on. Find yourself a hobby to keep your mind occupied and do not think about your crush or loved one and the rejection.

  • Go out and meet new people. Sometimes a change in people we talk to is something that will help greatly. Maybe you will find someone else to love, or crush on.
  • Take a road trip, vacation, or go out and take a walk! Getting out and enjoying nature as well as seeing all the wildlife is something that can help you boost your mood and take your thoughts off things. Bring a camera with you and photograph things that you like, or maybe start a blog about your endeavors.

4.Share your emotions.
If you have a best friend, or another family member such as your brothers, sisters, and parents then talk to them about how you’re feeling and ask them questions such as how they ever dealt with rejection in their life. It is always good to talk to someone if you are having suicidal thoughts.

  • The National Suicide Helpline (1-800-273-8255) is always there 24/7 and will be willing to talk to you and help you.
  • Do not be afraid to cry and let your emotions flow out while you are talking to your best friend, or family. Crying actually helps a lot and it will make you feel better to let it out. Don’t ever hold it in or be afraid to cry.

You will find love!

  • Do not give up on finding love. You will be able to find it and once you do, it will make you so happy. Do not think that you won’t, because you will.
  • Always think positively about things and keep your head up.

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