How To Add Pattern Lock for Windows 7 and 8

Pattern Lock for Windows 8 is the all new form of security to secure your data from different threats. Generally we have seen pattern lock in smartphones only, but now you can apply pattern lock on your PC too. Everybody gets bored by using the same interface daily so pattern lock is the best thing to get rid of your old way of security. This tool is compatible with Win 7, Vista , XP and 8 too. Some of the pattern locking tools are..

pattern lock for windows

XUS Pattern Locking Software – Download

This tool is best for both windows 7 and 8. It has many different and good features like :

  1. You can set the internet connection on switching manually.
  2. Back up can also be set in the form of image.
  3. Tool is free of cost
  4. interface is very good
  5. You can enable/disable as per your choice
  6. An alarm can also be set in order to stop incorrect login attempts.